Careers In The Fashion Industry

Working in the fashion industry can be fruitful and exciting, but also very demanding. If you have a love for fashion, be it the design or business aspects of the industry, consulting a fashion recruiting firm in NYC can reveal the world of fashion careers in NYC. You can go into many jobs and specialties in your pursuit of fashion careers in NYC. Fashion PR jobs would be ideal for a person who has an interest in fashion and can work with a company’s image. If you love clothes and accessories, and have the know-how to design, a career in fashion designing is perfect. In a career in fashion designing, you are surrounded by the industry and its professionals, opening the possibility of knowing people for future career gains. Fashion merchandising careers and fashion business careers are the sales and business portion of the industry.

The fashion industry is so robust and expansive, combining art, design, and business. In your pursuit of a career in fashion, you may choose to become a fashion designer, market research analyst, marketing manager, fashion stylist, or fashion merchandiser. Through an artistic creative process, fashion designers create original garments, accessories and footwear. They typically begin their process by sketching a design and then selecting fabrics to be constructed into prototypes. Fashion designers use models to test out the prototypes before making the final garments. The designer usually oversees the entire project if the design is being mass marketed. Many designers do not have a formal education, and gained most of their knowledge through self-learning and experience.

Fashion business careers involve the business aspect of fashion—and emphasize making money. A market research analyst can work for a fashion business or company. In this field they collect and analyze data to predict industry trends and develop effective marketing strategies. Much of a research analyst’s work involves working alone in front of a computer. As deadlines arrive, an analyst may feel a great deal of stress. Even though being an analyst can involve much work and pressure, the field is growing at a greater average rate than all other occupations. A marketing manager works with all other fashion department heads, in addition to leading the marketing staff. Marketing manager’s main purpose is to generate product interest. They collect data, analyze findings, negotiate contracts, create effective pricing strategies, identify potential markets, and forecast future profits.

Fashion PR jobs are another aspect of the business part of the fashion industry. A marketing manager may hire someone for a public relations position, in order to maintain the company’s public image. Fashion merchandisers need to have strong visual aesthetic and creative merchandising techniques. They create and set up window and in-store displays, enticing customers to buy. In pursuing any of the many fashion merchandising careers available, you may want to contact a fashion recruiting firm in NYC. Many possible fashion careers are available in NYC. To start your pursuit today contacts a fashion recruiting firm in NYC.