Inside Fashion Designing

If you are interested in becoming a fashion designer doing fashion design work, search for fashion design in NYC to find lists of fashion careers in midtown. Fashion design is the technical art of designing clothing and accessories. The success of fashion designs are influenced by cultural and social attitudes. This sway in public opinion changes over time and varies from place to place. Fashion design work can include designing clothing as well as accessories, such as bracelets and necklaces. Conducting research on fashion trends, designers interpret the results and translate them into products to the consumer to buy.

In becoming a fashion designer, some people attain a degree in the field. If you are planning to go to school to become a fashion designer, you will learn these things: patternmaking, technical drawing, fashion drawing, sewing techniques, event show production, trends and concepts in apparel, digital textile design, business ownership, concept development, product development, and merchandise management. You will have to learn many aspects of fashion design work before pursuing fashion design in NYC.

The garments designed by designers and produced by clothing manufacturers can be broken into three main categories: haute couture; ready-to-wear or pret-a-porter; and mass market. Haute couture was the tradition of designing and manufacturing fashion or clothing on a made-to-measure basis, with each piece of clothing made specific for the client. The fashion industry used this process until the 1950s; clothing was predominately made from high-quality, expensive fabric, and hand sewn with extreme detail. Currently the fashion industry relies on mass-market sales for the bulk of their profit. The mass market makes ready-to-wear clothes for a wide range of people. They analyze fashion trends, waiting until they are confident a style will catch on—and then make their own versions of the original look. Typically made with cheaper fabric and simpler production techniques in order to save time and money, the garments can be sold for less money.

Pret-a porter or ready-to-wear is a combination of haute and mass market. However, not made for the individual, great care is taken in both the choice and cut of the fabric. The clothes are produced in smaller quantities to create an idea of exclusivity. They tend to be rather expensive, and are usually presented by fashion houses during “fashion week,” which takes place twice a year. The main seasons of fashion week are spring/summer, fall/winter, resort, swim, and bridal.

If you are seriously considering entering the fashion design industry, you may wonder, how much can I make? The average fashion designer salary is $47,700 ranging between $48,000 - $47,722. However, this number is dependent on industry factors, such as company size, location, years of experience and level of education. An individual’s fashion designer salary can reach up to $99,000, including bonuses. If a job in fashion design is right for you, search for fashion careers in midtown.