Fashion Industry Entry Level Positions

If you are interested in getting your foot in the door of the fashion industry, hiring a fashion recruitment agency in NYC can help you find fashion internships, online fashion jobs, or entry-level fashion work in NYC. Striving for success in any industry can be difficult, especially in the beginning. It is wise to have all the advantage you can in pursuing a position in the fashion industry. Hiring a fashion recruitment agency in NYC will provide you with an “in” the fashion industry. These agencies work with actual professionals in the industry to find young, new, and exciting prospects. They have all the know-how to provide you with the expertise you need to find fashion apprenticeships and fashion internships.

Whether your goal is to be in design, creative direction, sales, marketing, or branding, it is tough to start a career from entry-level positions. You have to work hard and persevere through the struggles and stress. Some possible entry-level fashion work jobs are: store manager, sale and brand representative, junior visual merchandiser, editorial assistant, personal assistant, marketing and social media assistant, design assistant, assistant buyer, and fashion apprenticeships. Becoming a store manager can be easier if you have a four-year degree, however it is not required. Working for a fashion storefront or corporate chain can give you managing experience and insight of how the industry operates.

A junior visual merchandiser helps with the window and in-store displays. They execute the ideas decided by their boss. They are given certain themes or sets of standards that they need to translate to fit appropriately with the store’s arranged merchandise. These positions can pay up to $30,000 a year, however, the work is done only during late hours when the store is closed.. Editorial assistant involves a large degree of knowledge of correct grammar and writing. Editorial assistant responsibilities include checking web page content and blog posts for any errors or mistakes. On average they can make about $28,000 a year. A personal assistant deals with the demands of their boss, be it a designer or a fashion executive. Making an average of $27,000 a year, personal assistants must be highly organized and efficient, and are able to field calls, coordinate meetings, and be timely.

Marketing social media assistants earn about $30,000 a year and deal with “spreading the word.” It is important to have a company represented on all social media platforms. Being a social media assistant is an example of online fashion jobs. With the goal of communicating the product to consumers, social media assistants implement social media marketing techniques. Making about $42,000 a year, design assistants work with the designer in developing the next collection of clothes. They gain familiarity with the overall industry, getting a firsthand look at fabrics, tradeshows, and even fashion week. Assistant buyers make an average of $47,000 and predict future fashion trends. They deal with deciding how much and of what styles and clothing to order for stores. A respectable start to any career can be internships. They are typically unpaid, but gain much work experience and contacts for future career possibilities. If you love fashion and are eager for fashion work in NYC, find a fashion recruitment agency in NYC to assist in your pursuit