Should you bother with temporary fashion jobs?

The short answer is yes. The longer answer is yes, because it’s worth it when you think about all the benefits and advantages that will come along with the position. Sure, it might only be for a few weeks or months, but you have an opportunity to prove what a hard worker you are and how you can benefit the company. Show them what you can do and they are likely to remember you in the future, should you submit a new application. There is also different types of temp fashion work, so you are bound to learn a lot with each job opportunity.

Typically, temporary fashion jobs are seasonal (which means you are hired to help during specific times) or actually temporary (which means it’s just for an event or because someone will be returning to the position shortly). Both types of temp fashion work will help you fill gaps in your resume and get valuable experience while you search for a more permanent position. If you are making the most out of the opportunity, you’ll learn a lot and make the type of connections you need to further yourself in the industry.

Temporary fashion recruiters will be able to help you find these jobs, because staffing is often required at the last minute with little time to make a posting. Recruiters will have access in advance to any events that need staffing, for example, or companies will go through recruiters if they have a position they need filled quickly. Working with expert temporary fashion recruiters to find the best temp jobs will benefit you a great deal. Working with these recruiters makes finding fashion work a lot easier, particularly if you are having trouble. They have access to great opportunities you won’t be able to access otherwise.

Finding fashion work can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. Take advantage of all the opportunities you can to bolster your resume and work in the industry. Seasonal positions allow you to track trends and see how the industry changes every few months. Additionally, consider working at an event, for example. If you have an opportunity to work at a fashion show, even though it’s for a finite amount of time, you’ll gain a lot of great insight into how the industry works, who some of the major players are, and how you can make your way up the ladder. Tempo jobs in New York are fantastic opportunities; look at them for everything you can gain and you’ll start to see the position as more than just a “lesser” offer.