Switching Employers

If you’re considering switching jobs, or making a career change, using staffing agencies that specialize in your field are one avenue to accomplish that. Having headhunters in the field, searching for something better, is the perfect solution if you’re wondering how to change careers. Temp and staffing agencies are experts in matching candidates with open positions, even across industries. Using a staffing agency also means that you can continue working at your current job, despite also needing time to look for a new one.

First, make sure that a career change is what you really want, since switching jobs can be very stressful. It involves quickly becoming an expert in a field or industry where you might not have much background, and it also demands an active approach to learning and gaining applicable experience.

Career change advice also varies greatly depending on the industry. Some industries are best to approach with networking, while some, like writing or art, depend on having a professional portfolio. As such, career change advice must be taken with a grain of salt. But some recommendations apply to all.

If you’re thinking about how to change careers, consider why you want to change. Could it be that you’re just tired of your city, employer or office environment? Boredom is a popular motivator behind career changes, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad one. Switching careers also requires that your life is in order, and that you’re financially healthy. Many people who are looking to switch careers may have their pay slashed, since industry-applicable experience is a valuable commodity.

Volunteering and having a mentor who has been successful in your destination industry are also important to the wellbeing of your career change. Volunteering and temp work are valuable ways to gain experience in a new industry, and what they cost in free time can easily be made up by gaining industry experience.

If you’re looking to switch into Manhattan fashion industry careers, know that changing careers in NYC can be a challenge. If you’re planning on using savings to bridge the expense gap, be prepared to have a significant drain, thanks to New York’s high cost of living. However, if you’re passionate about your new career choice, don’t let that deter you! Manhattan fashion industry careers can be easier to get into from a side industry, where side angles and interesting perspectives can help candidates stand out. Changing careers in NYC is very competitive, but staffing agencies can help you with employment, advice, and great networking opportunities.