Staffing agency for fashion jobs

Recruiters are looking for very specific things on resumes when they are staffing fashion employment. They strive to make successful matches between candidate and employer and in order to do that, New York City recruiters pay close attention to each candidate’s resume that cross their desks. Staffing fashion jobs is no easy task, and recruiters don’t have an unlimited amount to time to get the job done and find the right candidate.

One of the first things recruiters and hiring managers will look for when staffing fashion jobs is the career progression, specific experiences, and lack of gaps. New York City recruiters read through resumes quickly and flag them for later review if these three things are acceptable. They don’t want to see any gaps in your resume, because that may indicate unexplained time off. While you don’t have to answer to anyone, be ready to explain that you took a year off to have a baby or tried to change careers so you went back to school.

Company recognition and overall experience are two other big things New York City recruiters look for; they want to know what companies you’ve worked for as a frame of reference and they want to see that you’ve worked your way up in the company ladder. Career progression is big in the fashion industry in particular because you have probably found yourself working menial jobs just to get experience or make connections. Showing that you were able to move up from that will prove a lot about your work ethic and dedication.

Finally, New York City recruiters pay attention to specific experience. They are looking for certain keywords in your resume that will indicate unique and specific experience. Having an open position is a problem for a company because it means there isn’t someone in place to do the job. You and your relevant experience can be the solution to that problem, so show companies and recruiters why you’re the best choice when staffing fashion jobs by highlighting your specific experience.

A staffing agency for fashion jobs specifically will be a huge resource for you if you are having difficulty finding a job. These tips and more will help you format your resume so it gets noticed. You’ll be much more likely to get called for interviews and even hear a job offer after hearing “thanks, but no thanks!” each time. Don’t wait; send your resume in to a New York City staffing agency today.