Types Of Fashion Positions

What kind of fashion jobs should you be looking for? From design to merchandising and retail, there are a variety of entry points into the industry that you should be investigating if you’re looking to enter the world of fashion jobs. In fashion industry circles, advice to those trying to enter the fashion world is varied. But generally, it revolves around finding mentors and gaining experience. Fashion temping and recruiters are a good way to score some experience in the industry if you can't find or perform an internship.

Another piece of advice fashion insiders give is that you should target specific role models and try to work with them, or network with them, personally. While this seems impossibly difficult, all jobs in the fashion industry, including fashion designer careers, are hard to come by. If you pick the right temp agency, however, scoring a position at a selection of desirable companies may be easier than you think. For industry jobs, fashion is a small world, and one recommendation from a leading company could lead you to other fashion jobs. Fashion is a business, and it’s important to keep that in mind when looking for jobs in the fashion industry. While it’s true that chic clothes are central to fashion, preparing properly for an interview is often more important than making sure you’re wearing designer labels.

Fashion designer careers offer great autonomy in terms of inspiration and approach, but they are still cogs in companies which have to make money. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of fashion design jobs is decreasing, though slowly. In recent studies, there were 22,300 people employed as fashion designers, with a median income of $62,860. Generally, fashion design assistant jobs are a good way of approaching a career in fashion design. While fashion design assistant jobs rarely include sketching or conceptualizing new work, they do include making sure designs come together, and will help you become more familiar with all aspects of fashion design.

If you’re looking for fashion or apparel design jobs in Midtown Manhattan, you’re probably thinking along the right lines. In fashion, entry level jobs in Manhattan can be hard to come by, but most jobs in the fashion industry are located in NYC. For apparel design jobs in Midtown, staffing agencies are a great way to find connections at companies and network, which could help you land your first job in fashion. Entry level jobs in Manhattan fashion are elusive, but if you’re going to conquer the fashion world, there are no places better than New York.