Dressing For Fashion Interviews

Going in for an interview in the fashion world can be intimidating. On top of the ordinary stress of a job interview, a fashion designer interview requires that you spend extra time perusing your wardrobe for fashionable interview outfits.

But it’s not just about looking chic and fashionable. Interview outfits should reflect your own personal style, and what you feel comfortable in. Not only will it mean that you’ll be more at ease during the interview, it also means that interviewers will get a good idea of who you are. Dressing in ways you aren’t comfortable will set you on edge, and especially those who spend their lives observing clothing will be able to tell.

Job interview attire should also reflect the taste and style of the company where you’re applying. If a designer’s style is formal or glamorous, rich fabrics and formal styles are probably a safe choice. But if the designer’s style is closer to grunge or muted tones and patterns, the choice might be more difficult. And office styles aren’t always consistent with the styles of the brands themselves. If you get a chance, ask what the standard office attire is, which will give you a clue as to what your job interview attire should be.

If you’re heading into a fashion designer interview, remember not to overdo it on accessories. A famous saying in women’s fashion is that, before leaving the house, a lady should remove one accessory. As important to job interview attire as anything, accessories can make or break an interview. It’s important to remember that an interview is a professional interaction, not a glamorous one. You’re there so that you can introduce yourself to a company and advertise a skill set, not to look beautiful, stylish, or distracting.

In picking out suits or dresses for interviews, keep it straightforward. Clean, businesslike lines make it clear that you’re at the interview because you’re qualified and intelligent.

If you’re looking for tops or dresses for interviews in the fashion world, staffing companies can also give you feedback on what to wear. Staffing companies can give you advice on what’s an acceptable NYC interview outfit for your big Manhattan fashion design interview. When in doubt, go with businesslike black, but also remember that doing something just right is more valuable than playing it safe. If you have a sneaking suspicion that your favorite colorful scarf would be just right, wear it! Your NYC interview outfit can also be a work of personal expression. After all, that’s what a Manhattan fashion design interview is all about.