Fashion Industry Salaries

Trying to find an “in” to the fashion industry can be very difficult, but if you are successful, the results can be extremely rewarding and beneficial. You can go into many aspects and different fields in the fashion industry. NYC fashion recruitment agents can help you find interviews for fashion careers in NYC. Largely based on society and culture, the concept of fashion has been around for centuries. The fashion industry is fast-paced and dynamic, producing new fashion trends every day. The average fashion careers salary ranges from $40,000–$60,000, but your pay will ultimately depend on what field you chose to go into, company size, as well as your experience.

The most vital aspect of the fashion industry is fashion design. Designers are the ones who professionally design the clothes, accessories, and footwear. The salary for fashion designers depends on your title. The design portion of fashion can be broken into five different jobs: associate designer, technical designer, senior designer, designer, and design director. The average salary for fashion designers at the beginning of their careers is about $52,500. From then on you can make from $80,000 to $177,560, depending if you become the department’s head.

As a fashion marketer or brand manager, your responsibilities will be to rev-up fashion sales. Requiring in-depth knowledge of fashion and marketing techniques, your mission is to create the vision, positioning, segmentation and marketing strategy for your company. The average fashion marketing salary is dependent on your job and title. Fashion marketing jobs include: management consultant, marketing executive, brand manager, market research analyst, international marketing director, entrepreneur, internet account coordinator, e-commerce catalog manager, and internet marketing coordinator. Fashion marketing salary can start at $53,400 for an associate marketing manager, up to $204,500 for a chief marketing officer. Fashion marketing has one of the highest potentials for fashion careers salaries in the industry.

In fashion merchandising, your responsibilities will include everything from product development, promoting, and buying and selling fashion. You will be required to be in touch with market trends as well as popular styles specific to location, culture, age, or economic group. Fashion merchandising salary varies, depending on experience and job title. Possible merchandising jobs include assistant buyer, visual merchandiser, associate buyer, store manager, merchandiser, buyer, and fashion director. As an assistant buyer, you have the opportunity to make about $40,580. However, a fashion director can annually make $120,00in fashion merchandising. If your dream is fashion, contact NYC fashion recruitment agents to help you find great fashion careers in NYC.