Fashion Administration

Fashion admin jobs are a crucial component to any fashion company. If you’re looking to break into fashion industry careers and are looking for successful strategies, admin can be a gateway. Admin jobs concern the day-to-day administration of an office, including financial planning, billing, recordkeeping and personnel. The logistics of an organization are also within the positions purview.

Generally, fashion admin careers also involve the planning of work assignment and supervising staff, requesting office equipment and repairs. Customer service, payroll, and changes to policies may also fall under the umbrella of the position. They have multifunctional roles which connect to all levels of a company, making them ideal for making contacts in the fashion world.

Fashion admin involves some elements of management, which is also a good resume builder. Fashion admin jobs are often billed under the terms managerial assistant, executive assistant and administrative assistant.

Fashion industry careers don’t always start with a fashion merchandizing or design degree either. Those who have started fashion companies have a wide range of backgrounds, including admin and finance. It’s never too late to switch jobs, and use your strength in admin careers as a stepping stone. A fashion admin position isn’t far away for those with related experience.

A product of the modern age, the fashion industry is one that surpasses a 225 billion dollar value in the U.S. alone. Prior to the 19th century, most clothes were custom made. But when standardized sizes and industrialization introduced the department store and conformity in sizing, an industry grew around it. The fashion industry is now one of the largest employers in the United States, though it has declined considerably as manufacturing has moved overseas. The media also developed a presence around the new phenomenon, which includes fashion journalism, critique and guidelines. Fashion magazines are sought after the world over, and have profound effect on tastes in clothing throughout national populations.

From an anthropological perspective, fashion also serves an important role in defining what is acceptable in human society. Fashion and anti-fashion (styles worn to purposely go against the norm) have enormous sway in determining the flow of cultural aesthetics and acceptability. In the 1950s and 1990s, periods of anti-fashion changed the way clothes are worn permanently. For example, jeans in the 1950s were worn by women instead of skirts and dresses to challenge gender norms, leading to the widespread acceptability of women wearing pants.

For New Yorkers looking to break into fashion administration, NYC is an excellent place to start. In Manhattan, fashion admin positions come up frequently as a center of the global fashion world. To fashion and fashion administration, NYC is an unparalleled resource, and at the center of it all, Manhattan. Fashion admin careers are a gateway to greater things. When are you going to start your search?