Resume Guidelines

Most guidelines for fashion design resumes and other fashion jobs focus on the good fundamentals you’d include in any industry. Grammar, spelling, and applicable experience are the big three, and fashion design resumes are no different. And this similarity between industries doesn’t end with resumes. Keep in mind, whether you’re applying to work at a famous fashion company or a small retail outlet, business is still business. Those who are skilled with image and video editing programs, web development and mass emailing programs, will have a leg up because they already understand aspects of aesthetics and marketing.

If you’re looking to craft a fashion designer resume, focus on the fundamentals that each of your jobs taught you that you can apply to the fashion industry. A fashion designer CV should begin with a statement of career objectives, and it should be engaging and easy to read. A cover letter and resume for fashion designers should speak to an excellent aesthetic sense, and as such, they should be clean and well formatted. Highlighting career advancement is also important when you’re thinking about what experience to include in a resume. For a fashion designer, CVs are important. On top of serving as your personal introduction, a resume, for fashion designers, also serves as vehicles in which to convey your web presence. URLs for social media or portfolio sites are especially important.

For those looking to write or revise a fashion designer resume, another way to do it is to contact staffing agencies for help. Agencies that specialize in an industry like fashion will be able to give you advice on what to include and how to format your resume. They will also have valuable insights into what recruiters are looking for, and what you can do to make yourself stand out while still appearing professional.

If you’re looking to get into the New York careers in fashion, Manhattan is the place to start. The fashion world is centered on the densely populated little mecca at the center of NYC. Fashion CVs are important here for careers in fashion. Manhattan, in the center of New York City, Paris, London and Milan are the centers of world fashion. When you’re looking for careers in fashion, Manhattan is as difficult to enter as any employment environment in the fashion world. That’s why an NYC fashion CV is so important to have, and why it’s so important to have fashion staffing experts give you advice on how to write the best fashion CV.