What are fashion buyer jobs?

Retail buyer jobs, it seems, are something of a mystery to the general public. Before you think you’re interested, here are a few things to know about a fashion buyer job description. Essentially, the buyer is responsible for keeping up with inventory and selecting the items that will be stocked in the store. There are usually fashion buyer jobs for each type of clothing, depending on the size of the establishment. For instance, one buyer will focus on dresses while there is a separate buyer for accessories, at least in larger stores. In a small boutique, there might be one or two buyers for the whole place. Getting started on track for a fashion buyer career means paying close attention to trends and popular styles. Buyers attend fashion shows and visit wholesale showrooms. There are also assistant fashion buyer jobs in the industry. These assistants learn from the senior buyers and gain valuable experience. They’ll often take care of paperwork and deal with customers who aren’t happy.

Fashion buyers need to be intuitive. Much of their job relies on being able to accurately predict what consumers are going to want to purchase the next season. There is a lot of research involved with retail buyer jobs, from looking at different markets and demographics, to attending fashion shows and sample sales. Fashion buyers use this information to come up with a buying plan, which involves the following: the customers needs, fashion trends, supply and demand, and prices. The goal is to make money. That won’t happen if fashion buyers don’t keep up with all the latest information. Availability also impacts the selections made by a retail buyer.

Jobs like these require dedication. It’s managing a lot of information and, if anything is wrong, it will impact the store’s finances in a big way. Fashion buyer responsibilities, at least in larger chains, can also include tracking the sales of the product from store to store. What’s popular in one area might not be popular in another. This is something to keep in mind when making the next purchase. Fashion buyers armed with this information, meet with retailers, designers, vendors, and sales representatives to determine what they can get for the best prices.

Fashion staffing agency

One way to get started on a fashion buyer career is to go through a fashion staffing agency. Getting fashion job placement help is very beneficial, because these staffing experts have access to many different open positions. It might not be your dream career, yet, but it takes work to move up the ladder in fashion. Job placement services will help you find the right fit for your personality and skillset. When all is said and done, a fashion staffing agency will position you to get started in the industry you love.