Benefits Of Fashion Careers

Entering the fashion industry can offer you entrance into an interesting and ever-changing world. Choosing to dedicate your life’s work to fashion can open the door to many high-paying fashion careers. The path is riddled with hard work and you need to be determined, but if you succeed you will gain access to fashion industry events and other industry benefits. If high-paying fashion careers interest you, begin your journey by contacting a fashion recruitment agent in NYC to acquire additional information on NYC fashion careers and fashion industry events.

If you have ambitions to make it in the city, as well as a natural sense of style, a career in fashion may be perfect for you. Blending sewing skills, art aptitude, and business, a career in fashion design combines creativity with common sense. In 2010 it was reported that 21,500 fashion designers were making an annual average income of $64,530. Working independently, or free-lancing as a fashion designer, can earn you more money than if you were a salaried employee working for an apparel manufacturer. In addition, you would have greater creative and business authority.

In pursuing most fashion careers, a postsecondary education is not required; however, due to the competiveness of the field, it may help having one. It would be beneficial to have some formal education in computer-aided design (CAD) or artistic-rendering courses, to give you a hiring edge. In addition to being creative, you must possess a general understanding of the technical process of accessories, clothing and/or footwear. As a fashion designer, you can be hired at a long list of different positions. Some places where a designer could work include apparel companies, clothing retailers, design firms, manufacturers, wholesale outlets, and even at dance companies, theaters and on TV and film sets. New York City and Los Angeles are home to 75% of the fashion industry.

Because the fashion industry is an international market, one of the greatest benefits of being a fashion designer is being able to travel overseas for work, experiencing the beauty and food of these countries. With high-definition photography and an online storefront, a talented designer can instantly create a professional virtual sales space. This allows a fashion designer to build a client base through social media platforms, made easier with modern technology, up-and-coming designers and independent brands. To get recognized in the fashion industry, you must work hard. You can also hire a fashion recruitment agent in NYC who can provide you with useful contacts.

In the past two decades, the manufacturing portion of the fashion industry has declined by 80%, from 900,000 to 150,000 jobs. Another fact to add to the list of fashion industry statistics is fashion designers’ annual average wage, which ranged from $44,100 in Virginia to $80,650 in New York and Maine.

Some fashion industry statistics include how much consumers spend on apparel. In 2010, households spent an average of $1,700 on apparel, footwear, and related products and services. If you love fashion and are considering pursuing NYC fashion careers, hire a fashion recruitment firm for a leg up.